Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blessed Easter

Today the family came over for Easter dinner around 12. Memaw got a picture with the girls first.
Then Memaw gave them their baskets. Here is Ellie's. 2 books, American Girl Dog, Frozen Pez, and a little candy.

Here is Maddie's. 2 Books, American Girl kittens, Frozen Pez, a little candy.
Here they are with Cousin Tyler.
Then we ate dinner. After dinner the girls hunted for eggs.
Here is the girls and mom and dad.
Here is Tyler with Aunt Shannon and Derrionne.
Here Ellie and Maddie joined them.
Here the girls are with their Uncle Nick.
Couldn't ask for any better day today. It was sunny and 75 outside. Everyone got plenty to eat and had a good time.