Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break Day 6

Today is the last day the girls stayed with Memaw and Papaw. Mom and Dad comes home tonight. We decided to have a lazy day today. Here are some selfies with the girls.
 Here Ellie is on the computer.

Then they played a bit then we went to the Library.
Then they came back home and went outside till it started raining.
 Here Maddie was running up and down the fence with the dog.
Here Ellie was trying to video it.

They came in to eat then played with the peoples.
Here Maddie is resting.
Here they are playing Barbies.
Then they had to get ready for Ellie's Karate and Maddie's Gymnastics.
Memaw stayed with Ellie and Luke at Karate while Christy took Layla and Maddie to gymnastics. Memaw didn't get one of Ellie and Luke.
After we met up and switch kids we went home and ate. Then Memaw and Papaw took the girls over to their other grandma's to spend the night. Mom and Dad is picking them up in the morning.