Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break Day 5

Today the girls slept in. The girls wanted one of their Easter gifts so Memaw gave them a book of the Easter story and read it to them.
When they got up they played a little then we met Aunt Annette and Cousin Tyler at the Steak'n Shake. Here they are when we got ready to leave.
Here is a selfie of Memaw and Ellie at Steak'n Shake.
Here is Maddie.
Here is Maddie with Cousin Stella.
Then Ellie and Tyler joined them.
Then we went to see the movie Zootopia.
It was a very cute and funny movie. The kids enjoyed it. Stella even said she wanted to be a cop like Judy Hobbs in the movie. We came home an got ready to eat. Then they played while Memaw boiled eggs to dye. Here they are dying their eggs.
Here are the finished products.
When they got done they got their baths. They played awhile then laid around till bed.