Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break Day 3- Snow Make-up Day

Today the girls had a snow make-up day on their first day of Spring Break. When they first got up they weren't moving to fast.
Then Maddie wanted her other blanket.
Here they are ready for school.
When Maddie got home from school she wanted to play on the computer.
After school Memaw took Ellie to her dance class. Here is Maddie being bored waiting for her.

After we got back home we took the girls to an Easter Egg Hunt in town. Here they are with the Easter Bunny.
Here Ellie they are ready to start. Papaw had Maddie and Memaw had Ellie in different groups.
Here is the best pictures I could get of Ellie hunting.
They both found sparkly eggs that they wanted.
Then they stood waiting to see if they won any prizes. Surprisingly they both won something. Ellie won a big bear and Maddie a basket of different things. They both were excited. They have never won at this hunt before.
Then they came home and ate and got baths before bed.