Thursday, March 10, 2016

Memories Gifts, Outside Fun

Papaw and the family has been going through Granny things. On Tuesday night Papaw brought home a stuffed Elephant that the girls liked. It was one that Charlotte gave Granny and she told Papaw to give it to the girls. He also brought home them some Pound Puppies and Beanie Babies. They were so excited.
On Tuesday it was in the 70's and Madelyn wanted to go out and play picnic.
On Wednesday the girls wanted to go through the porcine dolls that was brought home from Papaw that used to be Granny's. Each Granddaughters and Great Granddaughters got at least one to choose from. Mom hadn't got hers yet. The girls couldn't wait to get one. Ellie choose a bride one and Madelyn choose one that looked like Dorthy of Wizard of Oz she said.
Also on the door handle is the cross that Ellie made Granny and wanted to make sure that Memaw got it back. Mom came by to get her doll for the month of May for her Birthday month. She picked the November dolls out for the girls, their Birthday month. Memaw will just save the 2 they picked out for them.