Saturday, March 5, 2016

Picture Day, Pink-Purple Day And Sleepover

On Monday Maddie had Picture Day at school.
Of course Ellie had to pose too.
On Thursday Maddie had Purple-Pink Day.
Here Ellie is showing her pink.
Last night the girls spent the night with us. They went out to eat with us. Memaw had picked Ellie up from school early because her gums were hurting. Mom thinks she has a molar coming in.
When we got home Ellie wanted her pajamas on and to lay down. She still wasn't feeling good.
After Maddie got cleaned up she ate a donut.
Then she laid down too.
About 8 they went to the bed to lay down and watched tv. Ellie went to sleep at 9 and Maddie at 10.
They slept good and got up around 7:30. They ate then they played with Polly Pockets.
Ellie decided to soak in the bath tub to try to feel better then they played with the Dora's stuff.
A little later Mom and Dad came to get them.