Monday, February 22, 2016

Maddie's Preschool Grandparents Day

Today they had Maddie's preschool Grandparents Day. Papaw was able to take off too so he went also. They had 4 stations set up. Maddie went to the reading and making a bag for Memaw and Papaw.
In the bag she put the same type of things Memaw got from a mug Ellie made in Preschool.
The Kleenexes for the tears, Hugs and kisses candy for fills me up, Candy for the sweet, and a candle to light of my life. Here is Papaw with Maddie.
Here she is working a puzzle when she got done waiting to go to next station.
Here she is at her next station snacks. Iced graham crackers with gummy bears.
Here she is Papaw painting her hand for her picture.
Here she was coloring till the next station.
Then she got to go to the Book Fair. She picked out 2 books and a stuff little toy and Memaw got Ellie 2 books too.
 Here her class was singing when they got done with the station before we left.
Papaw and Memaw had a good time. Memaw will cherish her picture. Then we took Maddie to McDonald's.