Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ellie Plays in Hairspray Jr. , Snow Day

Tonight we went to see Ellie in her school play Hairspray Jr. J.J. did their spring play at the high school. They always get a good crowd so they do it at the high school. They wouldn't let us take pictures so they did let a Melissa take them. She tagged Dawn these pictures of Ellie.
  Here are a few pictures she wanted after the play with some friends. Here she is with Natalie and Tristen Thomas.
Here she is with Lauren.
Here she is with Kimber Doherty.
Here she is with Anna Gregory who she played in plays at the high school. The flowers is what Memaw got her.
Here she is with Memaw. Not the best picture.
They all did so good.

On Monday they had a snow day because we got 3 inches.
Last night we kept Maddie while Mom and Dad went to Ellie's play. She was all about Papaw. Here she is when we went out to eat.
Here she is helping Papaw with his IPAD game.
Here Bailey had to get up there too because he was jealous. He blends in with the blanket.