Thursday, February 11, 2016

Madelyn's Preschool Valentine Party

Today was Maddie's Valentine Party at preschool. She looked so cute when she came over.
Here she is when they came in the room to get ready for the party.
The first station she went to was the bracelet one.
Then she went to make a picture frame for her picture.
Then she went to put puzzle hearts together.
Then she put her goody bags she brought in each bags.
Then she played Bingo. Here she is with Memaw.
Then she went to make a monkey necklace.
Then she came with Memaw's station and played match the candy color with the words.
Then she went out to shoot cute tips through a straw.
Here she is with her friend Ada.
Then she did her last station. Her favorite, decorating cookies.
Then we got to go home.