Thursday, February 4, 2016

Weekly Post, Library Storyhour, P For Pajamas Day

On Monday the girls came over in pic-tales. They were so cute. Maddie had braids in hers.
On Wednesday Maddie started story hour again at the Library. Here she is looking for books before we went in.
Here she is waiting to here a story.
Here she is getting ready to make her craft. This group of session is going to be on food. This week was making a chocolate chip cookie.
Here she is gluing the brown tissue papers on the white foam circle. She put black dots on for the chips. She was smart on how she did it. She glued the white foam first then place the tissue papers on it. Everyone else was gluing the tissue paper then sticking it on it. They were having trouble with the paper messing up.
Today she had P for Pajamas day at school. They could wear their pajamas and bring a sleeping bag or blanket and a pillow. They made little pancakes for them at school. Here Maddie is with her blanket and pillow.
Here is Ellie this morning just because she was cute.