Friday, January 29, 2016

Memaw's Little Sidekick

Today Memaw had to bring Madelyn to work with her. Her other grandma couldn't watch her today and it wasn't Papaw's day off. She was a perfect angel. Mom had brought her over a bag of toys and coloring books and a bag of donuts to eat. Memaw had bought her some muffins and something to drink too. Memaw also brought Papaw's tablet to keep her occupied. Here she is with the tablet and eating some muffins.
Here she is coloring.
Here she is playing with her Paw Patrols.
We came home and she still was the best little girl. When Mom and Ellie got there we went up to JJ's Festival. They had lots of fun. Memaw didn't take any pictures. Ellie wanted Memaw to bid on her class project they had. It was a Monopoly game with the kids pictures on it. She also wanted a crafts basket they were auctioning off. Memaw won both. The games is so cool. When Memaw called mom and told her she told Ellie and she was so excited.
The crafts basket was well worth the bid.
Here Maddie is from Tuesday playing on the computer. She is getting so smart.
Just a reminder I am going private with this blog this weekend when I get the time. If you are still interested in reading please leave your email so I can include you to see it still.