Sunday, January 24, 2016

More Snow, Sleepover

On Friday Ellie and Dawn had a snow day. We got another 3 inches of snow.
Yesterday Memaw and Papaw watched Maddie while Mom, Dad, and Ellie went to see Beauty and the Beast. It was a Christmas gift for Ellie. Here Maddie is with Papaw.
When the play got over they brought Ellie over also to spend the night with us. After she got here we ate. Then Ellie wanted to get her pj's on. She sat by Papaw too.
Then Memaw got Maddie a bath. They then played Frozen Legos pretty much the rest of the night.
Then they got ready for bed. Here Ellie is texting Papaw thinking it is funny. Dad had put everyone's number on her IPAD so she can text them. She got a kick out of him wondering who was texting him now.
Here Ellie is when she got up this morning. She always wakes up in a good mood.
Now Maddie is a different girl. She got up and went straight to laying back down.
Here they are ready for church.
After church Ellie picked Culvers to eat. They both ate good.
When we came home we realized it has been a year yesterday since we got Bailey. Here are the girls with him. He has changed so much since we got him. He is so excited around the girls that it was so hard getting him to sit still for a picture.
Shortly after these pictures Dad came to get the girls to take them to Piper's and Emily's birthday party. Also I am waiting another week to see if anyone is interested in still reading my blog before I go private. If so please leave an email so I can keep you on it.