Thursday, January 7, 2016

Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

First up I have been thinking that I will be going private with my blog. I enjoy reading all the comments and hope they don't stop. I will be waiting for a week or two for anyone that would like to keep reading it. I realize that everyone don't check every day on the blog. Please leave your email so I can include you in reading it. This is for the safety of my beautiful granddaughters.
Yesterday was the first day that the girls came back over since Christmas break. Monday and Tuesday mom was off because of the death of Granny. Yesterday here the girls was eating a snack after dinner.
Today Ellie had a perfect shirt on to describe her.
Papaw was off today so after we picked Maddie up from school we took her out to eat at Chick-fi-la.
Here she is with Memaw and Papaw.