Thursday, June 30, 2016

Weekly Post

This week mom had several appointments she had to go to. The girls came over. Here they are on Monday with Memaw.
Here's Maddie just being cute.
Here Ellie is playing on the computer and Maddie watching.
On Tuesday Memaw promised Maddie she could play on the computer.
When she was doing that Ellie wanted to play dominoes.
Then we played Chutes and Ladders.
Yesterday when they came over Memaw had her special shirt on so they wanted a picture with it.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

8 And A Half Years Comes To An End

Today was the last day that Memaw is going to watch the girls on a regular base after starting 8 and a half years ago with Ellie as a baby. Mom ends her summer school class this week. She will be with the girls for a few weeks before they start back to school. Memaw will still watch them on occasion when mom has appointments or errands to run. Maddie will be starting kindergarten this year so she will be gone all day now. It has been so fun and exciting seeing the changes the girls has made.Got to watch them sit up, crawl, start to walk, talk and all the fun things. Memaw wouldn't have traded it for anything. Memaw is sure going to miss them everyday. Today Memaw made sure she took some pictures. Here is a bowl that Ellie made the other day from play doe. She wanted it to get hard so she could paint it. It sat out all week and it did.
Today Maddie was suppose to cheer at the Founders Day but it rained and they canceled it. Here she is this morning when she came over in her outfit.
A little later after they got here Maddie had to go to gymnastics.
Here Ellie is posing for Memaw.
Here the girls are with Memaw.
Then Ellie wanted to paint her bowl.
Papaw got off early so Memaw took a picture of the girls with him.
Then Memaw thought she would put the first picture that she took of babysitting Ellie when mom went back to work till the last one today of Memaw and the girls.
Here is to many more memories making with the girls just not on a regular base. Love these girls so much.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Q-Tip Art

First up Papaw hung up Maddie's octopus. Ellie took hers home.
Today Memaw had Bible Study. Here are the girls there. It will be there last day unless Memaw has to watch them again on a Tuesday.
After Bible Study the girls con Memaw into taking them to Pizza Company. Since they were good at Bible Study we went.
Then they came home and they asked Memaw to find them some Q-Tip art to paint.
When they got done they played with their baby dolls. Then they looked at books. Maddie had put on her hat and she was so cute with it on. This is the best picture Memaw could get of her. She kept catching Memaw truing to get a picture of her.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Craft Day

Today Memaw took the girls again for Craft Day at Michael's. It was the theme Under the Sea. First up the girls had to put on aprons.
The first project they had to paint a toilet paper roll white for an octopus.
While that dried they worked on making a clothes pin whale.
Then they started gluing on tissue dots on the roll.
Then they put tissue paper string on it. Maddie's first then Ellie's.
Then they worked on their journal page with a Mermaid on it.

When we got home and ate Ellie wanted to get her 4 H project done that Memaw was helping her with. She had to add to her book of Chloe-Pet and Me. Here she is working on the first page.
Here is her 2nd page.
Working on 3rd page.
The last and 4th page.
Then they weren't done wanting to do pages so they both did a page for Memaw's refrigerator. Here is Ellie's first then Maddie's.