Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Last night the girls spent the night. Ellie had her bath already when she came over.
Here they are ready for bed.
They slept good and got up and ate and got dress before they played. Here Ellie is on the computer.
Here Maddie is showing Memaw her outfit.
Here they were playing Scooby Doo.
Here they are with Memaw.
Then they went outside before everyone came over to eat. Here is Maddie playing in the sandbox.
Here the girls is with Uncle Nick.
Here the girls are with Tyler. He was the first one here now that he is driving.
Ellie had made Tyler a rubber band bracelet for his birthday and wanted to give it to him.
Here is everyone sitting around talking after we ate. Bob and Dawn came. Aunt Charlotte, Pat, Michael and Eric came. Aunt Shannon and Derrionne came too. The girls and and Tyler was already here.
We sang to Tyler after dinner and everyone ate cake or dessert. Here is Tyler looking at one of his presents.
Here he is licking the Reynold Wrap from the icing from cake, while the girls was looking on.
Everyone enjoyed themselves and ate plenty. There were lots of fun times and laughs.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ellie's 2nd Grade Award Ceremony and Weekly Post

Today was Ellie's 2nd Grade award ceremony. She was dress so cute when she got here this morning.
Here Ellie was waiting to get her awards.
Here she is getting her awards. She got Writing, Music, Wellness Club and Hairspray Jr. award and all A's. Memaw is very proud of her.
Then 2 kids from each class got a principal award. Ellie was honored with one.
Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Richardson.
 On Monday Maddie wanted to go out and do bubbles and hopscotch. She made her own hopscotch.
On Tuesday it was good to see this smiling face again. She had been sick for a week and didn't smile much.
Yesterday Maddie played out back.
Today Memaw met Mom, Dad and Maddie at Ellie's school. Dad brought Maddie. She was so cute. When we got home she told Memaw that she could take a picture of her. She had to have the front and back taken. She told Memaw you have to see her pony tail.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekly Post

On Tuesday Maddie went to Bible Study with Memaw. They always like going to play.
On Wednesday Maddie wanted Memaw to build her a fort.
Later she was reading her Bible stories to her baby. Memaw was so surprise at all of the stories she knew.
All week Ellie hasn't felt good stuffy nose and sore throat. On Thursday she started to run a fever at school and was coughing. Memaw went to pick her up from school. Mom made her an appointment with the school nurse at the high school. She tested positive for strep. Poor baby girl, no wonder she was feeling so bad. Here is a picture Memaw took of her yesterday. This is the best smile Memaw could get of her.
Here is Maddie playing a match game with Memaw that she got out of her High Five Book.
When Ellie got home she ate and then she laid down on Memaw's bed. Here is the dog Bailey laying with her. She told me that he was the only one that made her smile.
Today Memaw talked to Mom and Ellie was feeling a little better with no fever. Now Maddie is running a fever and has a sore throat. Hope not strep too. Update on Saturday Maddie went to the doctor and found out she had strep too. Hope Memew doesn't get it.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Author Ellie

Today Ellie's class had a Mom and Grandma Day for them to read there books they wrote. Here is Ellie with her book Crazy Tracy. It is about a babysitter.
They had to tell a story and put pictures with it. Here is a few pages from it. She had dedicated it to me. Memaw was so proud and honored. She said she did because I was a babysitter too.
Here is the back pages and the back of the book.
Here is Ellie reading the book to us. We were so proud of the job that she did.