Thursday, February 25, 2016

Craft Magnets, Little Miss Cat In The Hat

Yesterday Maddie was wanting to paint something. Memaw remembered she still had some magnets to paint. Here Maddie is painting them.
The finish products. The first picture is before she put gems on them.
Today she came out of school so excited about the hat she made. When she got to the car she told me that Mrs Latham, her teacher called her Little Miss Cat in the Hat. She was so cute with it on.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Maddie's Preschool Grandparents Day

Today they had Maddie's preschool Grandparents Day. Papaw was able to take off too so he went also. They had 4 stations set up. Maddie went to the reading and making a bag for Memaw and Papaw.
In the bag she put the same type of things Memaw got from a mug Ellie made in Preschool.
The Kleenexes for the tears, Hugs and kisses candy for fills me up, Candy for the sweet, and a candle to light of my life. Here is Papaw with Maddie.
Here she is working a puzzle when she got done waiting to go to next station.
Here she is at her next station snacks. Iced graham crackers with gummy bears.
Here she is Papaw painting her hand for her picture.
Here she was coloring till the next station.
Then she got to go to the Book Fair. She picked out 2 books and a stuff little toy and Memaw got Ellie 2 books too.
 Here her class was singing when they got done with the station before we left.
Papaw and Memaw had a good time. Memaw will cherish her picture. Then we took Maddie to McDonald's.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ellie Plays in Hairspray Jr. , Snow Day

Tonight we went to see Ellie in her school play Hairspray Jr. J.J. did their spring play at the high school. They always get a good crowd so they do it at the high school. They wouldn't let us take pictures so they did let a Melissa take them. She tagged Dawn these pictures of Ellie.
  Here are a few pictures she wanted after the play with some friends. Here she is with Natalie and Tristen Thomas.
Here she is with Lauren.
Here she is with Kimber Doherty.
Here she is with Anna Gregory who she played in plays at the high school. The flowers is what Memaw got her.
Here she is with Memaw. Not the best picture.
They all did so good.

On Monday they had a snow day because we got 3 inches.
Last night we kept Maddie while Mom and Dad went to Ellie's play. She was all about Papaw. Here she is when we went out to eat.
Here she is helping Papaw with his IPAD game.
Here Bailey had to get up there too because he was jealous. He blends in with the blanket.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Ellie's 2nd Grade Valentine's Party

Today Memaw went to Ellie's school Valentine's party. It sure isn't like Maddie's Preschool ones. Here is Ellie when Memaw first got there.
Here she is with Memaw.
They played a game called Heart Breaker where they each break through tissue paper on a cup to find a prize. Ellie won candy.
Here she was showing me her prize. There were whoopie cushions in some of them and every kid was wanting one.
Here she is eating her cookie.
Here she is with the picture props that she brought in.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Madelyn's Preschool Valentine Party

Today was Maddie's Valentine Party at preschool. She looked so cute when she came over.
Here she is when they came in the room to get ready for the party.
The first station she went to was the bracelet one.
Then she went to make a picture frame for her picture.
Then she went to put puzzle hearts together.
Then she put her goody bags she brought in each bags.
Then she played Bingo. Here she is with Memaw.
Then she went to make a monkey necklace.
Then she came with Memaw's station and played match the candy color with the words.
Then she went out to shoot cute tips through a straw.
Here she is with her friend Ada.
Then she did her last station. Her favorite, decorating cookies.
Then we got to go home.