Friday, January 29, 2016

Memaw's Little Sidekick

Today Memaw had to bring Madelyn to work with her. Her other grandma couldn't watch her today and it wasn't Papaw's day off. She was a perfect angel. Mom had brought her over a bag of toys and coloring books and a bag of donuts to eat. Memaw had bought her some muffins and something to drink too. Memaw also brought Papaw's tablet to keep her occupied. Here she is with the tablet and eating some muffins.
Here she is coloring.
Here she is playing with her Paw Patrols.
We came home and she still was the best little girl. When Mom and Ellie got there we went up to JJ's Festival. They had lots of fun. Memaw didn't take any pictures. Ellie wanted Memaw to bid on her class project they had. It was a Monopoly game with the kids pictures on it. She also wanted a crafts basket they were auctioning off. Memaw won both. The games is so cool. When Memaw called mom and told her she told Ellie and she was so excited.
The crafts basket was well worth the bid.
Here Maddie is from Tuesday playing on the computer. She is getting so smart.
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

More Snow, Sleepover

On Friday Ellie and Dawn had a snow day. We got another 3 inches of snow.
Yesterday Memaw and Papaw watched Maddie while Mom, Dad, and Ellie went to see Beauty and the Beast. It was a Christmas gift for Ellie. Here Maddie is with Papaw.
When the play got over they brought Ellie over also to spend the night with us. After she got here we ate. Then Ellie wanted to get her pj's on. She sat by Papaw too.
Then Memaw got Maddie a bath. They then played Frozen Legos pretty much the rest of the night.
Then they got ready for bed. Here Ellie is texting Papaw thinking it is funny. Dad had put everyone's number on her IPAD so she can text them. She got a kick out of him wondering who was texting him now.
Here Ellie is when she got up this morning. She always wakes up in a good mood.
Now Maddie is a different girl. She got up and went straight to laying back down.
Here they are ready for church.
After church Ellie picked Culvers to eat. They both ate good.
When we came home we realized it has been a year yesterday since we got Bailey. Here are the girls with him. He has changed so much since we got him. He is so excited around the girls that it was so hard getting him to sit still for a picture.
Shortly after these pictures Dad came to get the girls to take them to Piper's and Emily's birthday party. Also I am waiting another week to see if anyone is interested in still reading my blog before I go private. If so please leave an email so I can keep you on it.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow Days

Yesterday the schools were out of school because of the 3 inch snow that we got. Today they had a 2 hour delay. Since it was the day that Maddie would usually go to school she was out. Here is a picture from yesterday snow after Memaw shoveled the driveway.
Here are a couple pictures of the girls today showing me their Frozen and Rapunzel statues Memaw got them. They played with them till Ellie went to school!
As I type this I got a text that Greater Clark was closed tomorrow for the expecting snow of any where from 3- 12 inches depending who you listen to. We will see who was right tomorrow. Don't forget to list your email if you want to still read my post before I go private.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today was Daddy's Birthday.  Memaw didn't get a picture of them today. Maddie wanted to make him a cake. Her mom brought the cake mix over of the flavor he liked, Orange cake with Creme Cheese Icing. Maddie did all of the dumping stuff into it. She used the mixer and she was funny because she wanted to keep raising it up and stuff going everywhere.
She was cute trying to ice the cake. She wanted to get in a hurry and took part of the cake off top so Memaw had to help her fix it.
She helped Memaw make dinner for him and the family. Maddie and Ellie made him a card.
Here is some snow that we got yesterday.
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Monday, January 11, 2016

2 Hour Delay

Reminder if you are interested in still reading my blog please let me know with your email. I will be going private in a week and and half. Today was a 2 hour delay for Dawn, Ellie and Maddie. When it is a school day for Maddie she gets out of school. When they came over this morning they had appropriate shirts on for today. We only got about 1 and half inch.
Ellie played a little more than usual before school. She played with the Little People house with her Princess set. I didn't get a picture. Here Maddie is playing with it after we took Ellie to school. Then she played with the regular Little People with it too. She played with it most of the day. Dad came to get her around 6:30.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

First up I have been thinking that I will be going private with my blog. I enjoy reading all the comments and hope they don't stop. I will be waiting for a week or two for anyone that would like to keep reading it. I realize that everyone don't check every day on the blog. Please leave your email so I can include you in reading it. This is for the safety of my beautiful granddaughters.
Yesterday was the first day that the girls came back over since Christmas break. Monday and Tuesday mom was off because of the death of Granny. Yesterday here the girls was eating a snack after dinner.
Today Ellie had a perfect shirt on to describe her.
Papaw was off today so after we picked Maddie up from school we took her out to eat at Chick-fi-la.
Here she is with Memaw and Papaw.