Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ellie's Baptism

Tonight Ellie got baptized at church tonight. She was so excited. Love this little girl to pieces. She's got the best heart! Memaw loves to hear her pray and her genuine heart. Mom got in with her.
Here is the video.
When she came back to her seat and the last song was sung it was so appropriate of tonight. I could hear her singing with all her heart! It was "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, No Turning Back, No Turning Back. After service so told me she was tearing up singing that song. So sweet!

Friday, December 30, 2016

A Night Out

Tonight Mom and Dad went out to dinner with some friends. The girls came over for a few hours. When they got here we took them to see Tyler at work-BoomBozz to eat there. They both ate good.
When we got home they both were getting tired and laid around till Mom and Dad got here around 8:30.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Relaxing Sleepover

Ellie and Maddie stayed the night last night because Mom was having surgery on her teeth this morning. We just took it easy the last 2 days. When they first came over they ate and then they wanted their pj's on. Then they wanted a snack.
Then the girls wanted to play Frozen Trouble game. We even talked Papaw into playing. Maddie was so excited when she won.
Here is Maddie cuddling with Papaw this morning when she got up.
The girls slept good and got up around 8 this morning. Here is Ellie with Memaw.
Ellie wanted to make some snowflakes. Memaw helped Maddie make a couple.
We hung them up on our front windows.
Here is Ellie playing on Memaw's computer.
Here Maddie was coloring.
Then Ellie played with the Dora stuff and Maddie played with the People.
Here they are building things with the Legos in which they played for awhile before they ate Pizza and Memaw took them back home around 5:15.
They both were great today.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Memories

Today Memaw had dinner and everyone came over to celebrate Christmas. When the girls got here around 11:30 Memaw got a picture with all the grandkids.
Then we got ready to eat.
Then when everyone got done they opened gifts. The grandkids opened theirs first, one by one. The girls opened their stockings first. Memaw got them a Password Journal. They were excited about that.
Then they started with their gifts. Memaw and Papaw got Ellie some supplies for her American girls doll-clothes, wheelchair kit, shoes. She got an outfit,Live Dog,Kindle gift card,diamond earrings, Frozen jewelry box. She got a Mindcraft Lego set from Uncle Nick and American Girl crafts from Aunt Shannon and Derrionne.
Maddie got American Girls supplies too. She got some clothes and all camping gears-tent,sleeping bag, stove for her doll. She also got earrings, an outfit,Live dog,Frozen Jewelry box. She got a Doc McStuffin set from Uncle Nick, and some American girl doll craft from Aunt Shannon and Derrionne,
Then everyone else got to open their gifts. Then they got a picture with Aunt Shannon and Derrionne.
Here the girls is with Mom and Dad.
Then we got a family photo.
Then the girls played with their Password Journal. They had a kick putting passwords on them and intruder alert.
Another great Christmas in the book. Everyone seemed please with what they got.

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Nice Visit

First up here are 2 pictures of Maddie and Ellie before they went to school on Thursday. They left school early to go to Disney World with Mom and Dad. Aunt Trish and Grandma tagged along too.
They got home on Sunday. Today mom asked Memaw to watch Ellie while her and Maddie went shopping for Ellie. Here are some pictures of Ellie.
When they got back home Mom ran to the Funeral home to visit a friend's mom and left the girls with Memaw. Here is Maddie and Ellie.They were both so happy to see Memaw. Memaw was glad to see them too.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wrapping Gift, Hatchimal Hatching

On Saturday the girls stayed with us awhile. Here they are laying with Papaw watching Santa Claus.
This morning Ellie wanted to wrap Papaw's present from Memaw.
When Mom dropped the girls off for Memaw to watch this evening Ellie brought 2 ornaments she got from the ornament shop at school. She said they were Memaw and Papaw.
Maddie had made some football helmets shapes in the inside recess. She gave Memaw and Papaw each one.

Maddie had gotten a Hatchimal for her Birthday and she hasn't had time to hatch it yet. Since she was going to be here for awhile she did it at Memaw's. Maddie was nervous at first then she got excited.
Here it was dancing.