Friday, December 25, 2015

A Very Merry Christmas But A Sad One Too

As Christmas began today we had to make the realization that we had to make a new tradition. With Granny ready to pass any day we all just went down at different times to be with her today. Memaw fixed dinner and we did gifts for Mom, Dad, the girls, Papaw, Uncle Nick, Aunt Shannon,Tyler, and Derrionne at Memaw's and Papaw's. We all had a great time and everyone ate plenty and enjoyed their gifts. Here Ellie is showing Memaw her doll she got at home.
Here they are unwrapping presents. From Memaw and Papaw Ellie got American Girls doll Birthday Dress and Accessories, An outfit, Descendants dolls, and a heart necklace with her birthstone. She got a school desk for her American Girl Doll from Uncle Nick. Madelyn got American Girls Doll crutches set and Pet Grooming, an outfit, Descendant Dolls, and Lalaloopy Doll. From Uncle Nick she got a American Girl Doll Diaper bag, and a wheelchair set.

The girls eating dinner.
Mom , Aunt Shannon with the girls.
Aunt Shannon, Tyler and the girls.
Memaw and Tyler and the girls.