Friday, December 11, 2015

Sand Art

First up Memaw had to pick up Madelyn from her Grandma's today around 2:30. Memaw got a call saying she wasn't feeling well around 2 and wanted Memaw. Memaw also had to get Ellie today from school because mom had after school activity till 6. Memaw had gone to the store to get Madelyn some medicine to take. She has a sore on her tongue that has been bothering her for 2 days now. After Memaw got Ellie she wanted to go to the Dollar Store to spend some of her reward money Memaw gives her for her Spelling test. Madelyn had some money too. Ellie bought a 2 pack Barbie set and an art thing. Madelyn bought an art sand kit. When they got home they did all 6 of them, 3 each. That kept Madelyn mind busy from her sore tongue.
When they got done Madelyn laid down around 4:45 and slept most of the time here.
Mom ended up not coming at 6 to get them she went down to Granny's. Dad came to get them around 6:45 and Madelyn was asleep so he took only Ellie and left Madelyn for mom to get later. Ellie wasn't to happy about that. When Madelyn got up around 8 she ate and then Memaw got her a bath. Mom came to get her a little after 10.