Thursday, December 10, 2015

Madelyn's Preschool Christmas Party

First up Ellie made her Papaw Jenkins the other ornament.
Today Madelyn had her Christmas Party at school, Memaw went to it. First up they sat and listened to some stories till all the parents and grandparents got there.
She had decorate a cookie first up.
Then Memaw got someone to take a picture of Madelyn and Memaw.
Then she went to the homemade play doe, peppermint.
Then she went to make reindeer food.
Then she made some Santa food.
Then she played BINGO.
Then she made a cute Penguin.
Then she came to Memaw's station the bracelets.
Then she went out to the hallway for a game that you try to shake bells in a box out of it. While she was out there she got a picture with Ada Thompson.
Then when we went back into the room she had to find Cescilly Linderman, her friend to take a picture before they left.
Here is 2 things that is cute they made this week that she got to bring home today.