Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sleepover, Angels Gifts, Christmas Decorations

Yesterday after Ellie got out of school Memaw went to pick her and Madelyn up to spend the night. Dad had a few things to do. We first went shopping for 3 Angels from our church we chose. The girls help us pick out clothes, coats, Pj's and shoes for them. Then we went to eat.
Then we got them home and cleaned them up for bed.
Here they are when they got up to eat.
When they got done and dressed they helped Papaw wrap the Angel's gifts. We had a 8,6, and 2 year old.
Then Papaw and Uncle Nick started to put out the Christmas Decorations outside. Maddie went out for awhile with them but Ellie didn't.
After awhile they came in and ate lunch then Dad came to get the girls around 1.