Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ellie's Painting Birthday Party

Tonight Ellie had a painting party for her birthday. Mom and Dad had the place all made up and ready to go. It was so cute. Dad even made the easels for the canvas. One of mom's friend helped with the painting of a Grinch's hand. Sorry for an overload of pictures.
  Here is Ellie before we started.
Here is Ellie with her friend Emma and Emily.
Here Madelyn is with Layla.
There was 4 tables with 3 kids at them. There were 3 boys that came. Luke Hammond, Alex Jackson, and Tristan,
Here Ellie was with Emily and Emma.
Here is Naomi and Natalie.
Here is Lizzie Bach and Kimber.
Here is Ellie with Kimber and Lizzie.
Then they began painting the background black.
Here Madelyn was doing one too. Dad helped her. Memaw forgot to get a finished picture of hers.
Here Ellie is finishing the black part.
While they let the black dry they ate something.
Then they did the red part.
Then they did his fingers and cuff.
Then they ate cake and sang to Ellie.
Then she opened gifts.
Everyone was all to willing to help her open them.

Then they went to put their name or initials on their painting.
Here is all of the painters paintings.
Everyone had a great time. Memaw thinks a few moms did too.