Thursday, November 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Ellie and Memaw

First up Ellie's part of name on the blog is going to be Ellie's Memories. Yesterday Memaw got Madelyn to help her make cupcakes for Ellie's get together tonight. First up here is a picture of Memaw and Ellie.
Here is Madelyn doing the cupcakes.
Licking the bowl next.
Here is a picture of Ellie with Memaw. Memaw loves sharing a birthday with her.
Here she is trying out a cupcake this morning.
Here Ellie is ready her card from us tonight at Cracker Barrell where we ate.
Memaw got her a Bratz Photo Booth.
Memaw got her 2 dolls also.
Here is an outfit Memaw got her.
Uncle Nick got her a My Little Pony.
Then we put an 8 on her cupcake and sang to her.
Here Ellie is with Memaw.
Also at the dinner was Mom, Dad, Madelyn, Uncle Nick, Papaw, Grandma, Aunt Trish, Aunt Sue, Uncle Shaun, And Shelby.