Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Last night Dawn got out of class late and the girls was already for bed when she called. Memaw told mom that it would be ok if they just spent the night. Mom had parents-teachers meeting from 11:30-7 today. Madelyn had preschool and Ellie was off. Memaw thought it would be better for mom that she didn't have to come in town at 8:30 to take Madelyn and then would have to kill time till it was time to go to work. They played so good together last night with the Legos.
They both slept good and got up in great moods.
After Memaw took Madelyn to school Ellie loved coming home without her. Here she is looking though a ToysRUs book checking off what she wants for her Birthday and Christmas.
Then she wanted to clean out 2 of her toys drawers.
Then we picked up Madelyn from school and stopped to get McDonald's. They were so excited to get their Charlie Brown toys in the Happy Meals. They both got the ones they wanted.
Then they played with the Little People.

 They started getting tired and wanted to lay down and watch a movie. Ellie fell asleep but Madelyn wouldn't give out.
Madelyn finally got up and started her scratch art.
Ellie slept and hour and half and Memaw had to wake her up to get ready to go to Karate. Memaw had to take her to Christy's house since she was taking Luke also.
Here is Madelyn after dinner when we went outside.
Mom came to get her around 7:30 tonight.