Friday, October 30, 2015

Ellie's 2nd Grade Fall Party and Halloween Week

Today Ellie had her Fall Party at school. Mom was suppose to go but she couldn't get away at the last minute so Memaw took her place. Ellie was surprise to see Memaw.
First up they decorated a pumpkin.
Then she did pin the boo on the ghost.
Then they decorated a pumpkin on a stick.
Then they she played Halloween Bingo.
Then they got their snacks to eat.
Here is the goody bag that her mom made up for the kids.
She told me that she had a great time today. Always glad to be a part of her fun. The pictures below is of the girls wearing their different outfits of Halloween each day. On Monday this is what they wore.
Here is Tuesday outfits. Madelyn was a fire girl today too.
Here are the ones on Wednesday.
Here are the girls outfits for Thursday.
Here is Ellie's today. Memaw didn't get Madelyn's.