Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mom's New Blanket

A few months back Madelyn came to me and ask if Memaw can make mom a blanket. I asked why and she said because ''She told me that she couldn't have her blanket back till Memaw made her one." Memaw asked the girls what color should I make it. They both said green her favorite color. Memaw didn't want to make it just green so I added peach her favorite flower color. Memaw got busy on it and only crocheted on it when they weren't there. Memaw didn't want to remind them about me doing it so they wouldn't tell mom. Memaw was surprise that it only took 2 months to make it. I also can't believe they kept it a secret. I was debating on when to give it to her. Memaw thought at first that she would give it to her at Christmas. Ellie came to me today and couldn't wait for me to give it to her and wanted her to have it now since it was starting to get cold. Here the girls with it. It ended up being wider than I thought but was not going to take it all out. It should cover her. It ended up covering her bed.