Saturday, October 10, 2015

Congratulations Carrie and Matt

The girls cousin Carrie got married today. Here is some pictures to capture it. Here is the cake.
Here is Memaw and Aunt Annette- Carrie's mom.
Here is Aunt Annette with Cousin Robert-Carrie's brother and cousin Stella-flower girl.
Here is Carrie before the wedding.
Here is mom with the girls waiting for the wedding to start. It was an outside wedding.
Here is Stella dropping the pedals.
Here is Carrie walking down isle with her dad Dennis.
Here Carrie and Matt taking their vows.
Here they are as husband and wife.
Here Memaw is with the girls.
Here is the happy couple.
Here is Ellie dancing. They had fun dancing.
Here Papaw is with Madelyn.
Here Carrie is with Aunt Annette.
 Here Memaw is with Carrie.
Here is the 4 granddaughters of Memaw and 2 of the sisters. Stella, Maycin, Ellie and Madelyn.
Here the couple is cutting the cake.
Feeding each other cake.
Their first dance.
Ellie wanted a picture with Carrie.
Everything was so beautiful and turned out great.