Saturday, September 26, 2015

Indoor Camping

About a week ago Memaw asked the girls if they wanted to do an inside camping night with smores too. Memaw don't do outside camping! I will leave that to Daddy. They were so excited and kept counting the days down till it. Last night after Papaw got home we took them out to eat.
When we got home Papaw build a fire and they made some smores. Well their way. Here Ellie is telling Madelyn a ghost story.
Here Madelyn wanted vanilla icing on her Hersey bars and Ellie put melted marshmallows on hers. Here they are roasting marshmallows and then eating them.
Here they are warming up by the fire.
When they got done they came in to get baths. Papaw put up their new T-Pee tent we got at Sam's for them.
After laying down the sleeping bag and blankets they tried it out. They loved it.
Here Ellie is peeking out the window.
Here they are laying watching tv before they went to bed.
Here they are asleep. Memaw can't believe they slept all night together without fighting.
When they got up they ate. Here they are after they got dress. Ellie just had to have this Descendant shirt.
Here Ellie is playing with the Barbee's in the T-Pee.
A little later Mom came to get them. They had so much fun with their campout.