Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ky State Fair- Madelyn's Preschool Open House

First up yesterday Memaw took a picture of Madelyn playing in a classroom at Memaw's Bible Study. Yesterday was Madelyn's last day to go with Memaw because she starts her 2nd yr. Preschool.
Today Papaw took off and we took Madelyn with us to the Ky. State Fair. Here she is ready to go.
Here she spotted a big farm equipment and wanted her picture with it.

Here she is so proud of the beanie baby she got from the city police.
Then she wanted to get in a helicopter. She was so excited.
When we left we went to Chick-Fa-La.
On a way home she put her hat on she got and wanted a picture.
After we came home Memaw got Ellie and then waited to go meet Mom and Dad for Madelyn's open house.

Here Madelyn is by her seat.
Here Ellie and Madelyn is checking out toys.
Here Madelyn is with Mrs Latham her teacher.