Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cousin Carrie's Bridal Shower

Today they had Carrie Beth's bridal shower. Here is the girls with Carrie's mom Aunt Annette-Memaw's sister.
Here is a picture of Carrie.
Here is a selfie of Ellie with Memaw. Not the best of Memaw.
Here is a picture of Madelyn with Aunt Gina.
Here is couple of pictures of the shower.

Here is Carrie with an Apron with things stuck to it for a game of remembrance.
Here Carrie is opening her gifts.
 Here is her dress cupcake.
Here is Ellie eating her cake and drinking punch.
Here the girls were so dressed cute today.
Here is a picture of mom and some of her cousins- Carrie, Amanda, Danielle. Kristi had to work.