Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekly Pictures

On Tuesday Madelyn went out to play with the neighbor's boy Zane. She had told her mom she likes him.
Here they made a hopscotch and she is playing.
On Wednesday Madelyn came over crying. She was upset talking to her mom and telling her that she wanted her last years teacher Mrs.Long. She didn't want a new preschool teacher when she starts on the 31st. Memaw got Ellie's box of things that I have saved from her school and showed Madelyn all the fun things that Mrs. Latham will be doing in her class.
Before we left to take Ellie to school it started thundering. The dog gets scared and the girls said they would protect him.
On Thursday the girls were tired and here they were laying together. This is a rarity to see them together and not fighting.