Tuesday, July 28, 2015

No It Can't Be Over

First up Memaw took the girls to Charlestown Independent Church one day VBS. Here is the girls before they left.
Here are a few pictures I took off Facebook of the girls.
Yesterday Dawn was in full swing back at school. Ellie goes back on Tuesday. I can't believe the Summer is over. Here the girls are checking out the bag of Polly Pockets Memaw got off of Ebay.
Here Ellie is playing Polly Pockets and Madelyn with the Doc McStuffin.
Later Memaw took Ellie to Karate. Actually Dad ended up meeting Memaw in Sellersburg.
When Memaw got back to the house Madelyn was playing Lalaloopy.
This morning the girls was tired. Madelyn laid down and rest a bit.
Ellie played Polly Pockets.
Then we went to Memaw's Bible Study. Then we went to buy the movie "Home" which came out today. They loved it at the movie so Memaw bought it. We stopped by to get McDonald's and they came home to eat.
Here they are watching "Home".
When Mom got here we went to Ellie's open house. Here is Ellie by her cubbie. Here she comes Second Grader.