Thursday, July 23, 2015

Weekly Post

On Monday Mom had meetings at school all day. Here is Madelyn looking at her Library book.
Ellie likes playing on Papaw's exercise ball.
Here are the girls playing Polly Pocket in which they played most of the day.
Last night the girls spent to the night. Here they are when they first got there.
After we had ate dinner a little later we took the girls to 62 Twist Ice Cream place.
When they came home they got baths. Here Madelyn is with Uncle Nick's phone singing "Lord I Need You". Mema2 just loves to hear her sing that.
Here Ellie is with the ball again.
Here she is when we were getting ready for bed. She was watching tv.
Here they are when they got up this morning.
After they ate and got dress and played for a bit then their Mom came and we went school shopping. We then ate at McAllisters.