Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sleepover-Mom And Dad Come Home

Here are the girls when they got up this morning. Today Mom and Dad comes home from Texas. Memaw posted 3 other post before this one talking about the stay at Memaw's house.
Here the girls were looking at Memaw's photo album. Madelyn kept saying can she look at Mom's scrapbooks. I realized she was talking about the photo albums. They kept laughing at some of the pictures and the way some of us looked.
Here we are playing Chutes and Ladders.
After they had looked at the books they went to Memaw's couch to see if we had a middle cup holders on the couch. They had seen Tyler when he was little and seen him sitting on it on a old couch. They found it on my couch now. They had to sit on it too to try it out. We never use it.
 Here they are when we went outside for them to blow bubbles. Ellie was in her sheriff's hat she got from fair last night.
Here they are playing with Lego's Friends before Mom and Dad came at 6.