Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sleepover- Dancing, 4H- Fair

First up we got woke up by Uncle Nick's phone going off for a Tornado warning at 215 a.m. We got the girls up and took pillows and blankets into the hallway. Madelyn just went back to sleep on Memaw. Ellie watched her IPAD. It didn't even bother them. Madelyn kept saying when are we going back to bed. About a half hour later we went back to bed. Everything was ok here. Then we got woke up again at 4 with the storms. This time Madelyn stayed asleep. The dog was terrified and Papaw and Uncle Wayne had to get ready for work so he came and laid with Memaw and Ellie. Here the girls are when they got up.
After they ate and got dress we went to Memaw's Bible Study. They always play in the classroom.
After lunch they took a nap after the rough morning.
Here Ellie is on computer playing ABC Mouse.
Here Ellie is ready to go to her dance class.
Then we went to the 4 H-Fair. We first went to see Ellie's projects. She had 5 in them this year. decorated cupcakes, scrapbook, her collection-snowglobes, horses poster, wooden book.
Then we walked the booths. Madelyn spotted this and had to stick her head out of it.
Then they got sheriff's hat.
Then we headed to the rides. They were in so much water and mud we decided not to go. The girls were disappointed. Memaw told them she would take them tomorrow if mom and dad didn't take them when they got home. Surely it will be drier tomorrow with no rain. We are so tired of all of this rain. Poor Madelyn got so upset it made Memaw fill so bad for her. When we got home they got ready for baths. Here they are playing then eating a snack.