Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sleepover- Visit With Granny

Last night the girls came over to spend the next 4 nights. Dad had an out of town job to do so Mom went with him. They will be back on Wednesday evening. Here they are when they got here. They were so excited to be here. They got here near bed time. They had already had their PJ'S on.
Here Madelyn is cuddling with Memaw before we went to bed.
Here is Ellie & Madelyn when they woke up this morning.
Here they are ready for church.
We left for church. We had a storm before we had left and got a lot of rain and flooding. On our way to church to we had to detour because of the flooding. When we got to church there was water all around it that no one could go in. They canceled services for the day. We left and took the girls to eat at IHOP.
When we left we stopped at the Walmart for a few things. The girls wanted a craft to do. They decided on beads to make necklaces and bracelets. Here they are making their necklaces and bracelets.
Here is Madelyn's bracelet she made.
Ellie made a necklace and bracelet both.
Then they played Lalaloopsy till we left to go see Granny.
Here they are playing peoples at Granny's.
Here they are with Granny.
Then we went to McDonald's to eat.