Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ready To Defend Off Evil

Last night the girls came over to spend the night. Ellie has been wanting to come over and Memaw asked if they could this week one day. They were excited to spend the night. They both were so good. Last night after Ellie got done with dance they came by. Memaw got her a bath and got Madelyn ready for bed too. They got to enjoy the night after they were done. Here they were after they got baths.
Here they are when they were eating a snack before bed.
Here they are when they woke up this morning.
Today was the last day for them to go to the Library for their super hero craft. Madelyn's class was first. Here she is looking at some books waiting to go in.
Here they are waiting with a letter to help spell out Superman, the theme for the day.
Then they decorated a cup with the superman emblem on it. They colored it first then glued it on the cup.
Then we came home to eat before we had to go back for Ellie's class. For Ellie's they did a shield. They started out with a pizza cardboard. Madelyn decorated one too. She hasn't done any other ones's of Ellie's. They had to put the studs on first in the center to hold the piece of cloth on back for the handle and trace around the star first. Then they painted around the star and then glue star on. Then they did the outer part.