Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th Of July

Today we all went to Aunt Kendra and Uncle Walter place. Here is Ellie with Granny and Memaw after they got there.
Here is a selfie with Memaw and Madelyn. Papaw was in the back ground.
Here is Madelyn with Granny and Memaw.
Here Ellie is with her Cousin Katie.
Then their cousin Matt made up water balloons and were tossing them. Here is Madelyn getting done throwing one and Ellie getting ready to throw one.
Here Madelyn is with Papaw.
Here the girls is sitting and eating next to Memaw.
Here Madelyn is eating her homemade ice cream, Memaw made.
Then their cousin Matt and Kasey made them a slip and slide. They had a blast.
Here Ellie was doing a sparkler before we left. We left early because Papaw had a headache and we needed to get home to the dog who was terrified of all the fireworks around us.