Sunday, June 28, 2015

Maranda's Baby Shower

First up on Thursday was Mom's last day at IUS teaching for the summer. Memaw won't be having the girls everyday again till school starts up again. Memaw will only have them when ever Mom has something to do. Here are a few pictures from Thursday. The girls played dress up. Ellie in her Barbie Princess outfit, and Madelyn in her princess crown.
Here is also another picture of Madelyn from Thursday. She called Memaw in the kitchen to show me that she can fit in the dogs cage. Bailey was wondering what she was doing in his cage, silly girl.
Today we went to Maranda Pierce's baby shower. Here is a picture of the girls before we left.
Here they are with Maranda.
Here is Ellie with Memaw and a selfie. These are the only picture Memaw took because there was so many people there. She had a nice shower with good food to eat and plenty of gifts to open.