Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Library Super Hero

First up here is Ellie after falling asleep on Memaw yesterday.
Memaw looked down and Madelyn had fell asleep on my feet.
Memaw couldn't get Madelyn to get up on the couch so I just covered her.
When Memaw had to get up Ellie laid on the couch and slept longer.
Today Memaw took the girls for Story Hour for Madelyn's class and Super Hero for Ellie's. Here they are looking at their books they checked out first.
Here they are getting ready for singing.
Here they are putting a puzzle together to make the Super Hero Batman symbol.
Here they are finished.
Here Ellie is showing me their second prize for reading an arm band.
Ellie had hers in the afternoon. Madelyn stayed home this time with Papaw who was off. They were making a cape today. They had to bring a white old t-shirt in.
Here she is decorating it.
Here is her finished product. She said it was her Barbie Princess Power cape to match her mask last week.
Here Madelyn is when she was outside with Papaw today.