Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pool Time And Sleepover

Yesterday when the girls came over Memaw had put ABC Mouse back on the computer. The girls enjoyed playing with it.
Then they wanted to go out front before it got to hot.
Mom had asked if I would keep the girls last night because she was going to be late getting home. Memaw had to go let Chloe out so the girls and Papaw went swimming in their pool. They had a good time.
The girls came home got baths and watched a little tv before falling asleep. They both slept really good. This morning the dog had been in my bed and jumped down around 6:30. I was thinking I hope he didn't bark and wake the girls. He went to Madelyn and she woke up and told him to jump up on the bed. He couldn't get up there so Memaw got him up. I thought for sure she wouldn't go back to sleep but she did and slept till 8. Here she is with Bailey.
When they got up they played so good together. Here they are playing with the baby doll stuff.
Around 3:45 we went to meet their mom for Ellie to go to Karate and dancing class.