Thursday, June 11, 2015

School's Out For The Summer

Today was the first day of Ellie being out for the summer. Dawn still had to go for a few hours and then she started her IUS job for a couple of weeks. Here Madelyn is playing once she got here.
Here the girls are when we went out a little this morning.
Here Ellie is playing. When she plays she has to dump everything out.
Memaw had decided to take the girls to the water park this morning. When they opened we went up there before it got to hot. Here they are before we left.
Here they are playing around there.
Here Madelyn is resting. Of course Ellie had to stick her hand in the picture.
Then Ellie took a selfie with Memaw.
Here Ellie is by the play area.
After being there for 2 hours Memaw finally got them to leave.