Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ellie's First Grade Picnic

Today The First Graders had a picnic. Memaw took Madelyn with her to it. We had to bring blankets, lunches and any games to play. Ellie wanted her Ipad. Here is Madelyn after Memaw got the blanket set up waiting on Ellie's class.
Here is Ellie with Madelyn when she got there.
Here Ellie is eating her lunch.
Here Ellie and Madelyn played a little hopscotch.
Then Ellie hunted down Mrs. Stettenbenz her teacher to get a picture with her.
Then they went to the playground. Ellie got on the swing while Madelyn sat on a bench to watch her.
Then Ellie played with her Ipad a bit.
Then they played on the slide for awhile.
Then Memaw got a picture with the two of them before we left. Ellie got to leave early. Pretty much everyone was checking out early.