Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Celebration

Today we celebrated the Memorial Day Holiday because Granny had to work on Monday. Here are the girls with Granny. She didn't smile much because she isn't feeling well these days.
Here the girls is with Memaw.
Here Madelyn is with her cousin Tyler. They love their Tyler.
Here is their Cousin Kory who had just graduated this week. They had a cake for him.
Here Ellie is with Katie. She played Hide and Seek with her and Matt and Madelyn.
Here Ellie is with Uncle Nick.
When we left Ellie came to spend the night with Memaw and Papaw. We had to go to Tyler's Birthday celebration at Boom Bozz also. He turns 16 on Tuesday.
When we got home Ellie got a bath and took it easy. She was getting tired.