Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is Mom's Birthday. Memaw had them make something for her. Memaw didn't get to do anything for Mother's Day so I made sure they did for her Birthday. On Monday Memaw got the plaster ready to make her a stepping stone. Here is the first thing they did with the plaster. They put in stones, tiles and made their hand prints in it. Ellie's came out more like a 3D one.
After it dried over night they painted it. They painted the mold of flowers first. They paint their own style. Madelyn had half and Ellie had the other half. Here is Ellie doing her half. She made the flowers two tones.
Madelyn painted her flowers all one color.
Here is the front side finished after Memaw wrote their name on it.
Here they are painting the other side.
Then they made her a card.
When Mom came over to bring the girls this morning they gave her their card.
When she got here after work tonight she ate dinner then the girls gave her their present they made.