Saturday, May 16, 2015


Last night the girls spent the night. Memaw picked Ellie up from school and then mom brought Madelyn over when she got done with dancing. After they got cleaned up and in their PJ'S they wanted to look at pictures. Here they are looking at Memaw's wedding pictures.
Then they want to look at their things Memaw has saved for them. They didn't get to finish looking at them the other day.
Then Ellie wanted her nails painted.
Here they are watching tv in Memaw's room before they went to sleep.
They both went to sleep fast and slept good all night. Here they are watching tv till they got awake good this morning.
Here Madelyn is helping Papaw scramble some eggs.
After they ate they played with their Minny Mouse set and the Doc McStuffin set.
A little later they got dress before Mom came to get them.