Thursday, May 14, 2015

Madelyn's Last Day of Preschool

Today Madelyn ended her first year of preschool. She kept telling me she was sad because she was going to miss her teacher Mrs Long. Here she is before we left home.
Here she was on her first day of school.

They were going to have outside fun. The parents and grandparents could come around 10:45 for a ice cream party. Memaw got there about 10:20 and seen other kids families there already so Memaw joined in too. Madelyn was trying to hula hoop when Memaw got there.
Here she was on some things in the ground to walk and balance herself on them.
Then she went to a magnetic fishing thing.
Then she went to a book reading section. While she was there mom came and she had mom read to her. She was excited to see mom.
Here she is with Mom & Memaw.
Here she is with a freezer pop. She couldn't wait to get this even though she was going to have ice cream later.
Here she is when they went in at her desk for the last time.
Here she is enjoying her ice cream with M&M'S and sprinkles on vanilla ice cream.
Here they tried to get a last class picture.
Here she is with her teacher Mrs Long before we left. She has had a great year with this teacher and  her helper Mrs Kayla. Memaw can't believe this year is over for her.
Here are the girls this morning looking thru their box that Memaw have saved some of their things from church, school and from her house.