Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Madelyn End Of Year Preschool Program

Here she was in her pj's waiting to get dress before we went to her Preschool program.
Here she is ready to go. She was so excited. Not a bit scared. At the Christmas show she was so nervous.
Here she is with Memaw before we went in. Memaw, Papaw, Nick and Ellie went with her. Mom had a Honors Banquet which was planned before this and Dad was out of town. We met Grandma there.

Here she is with her proud sister and with Papaw and Nick.
Here she is with a couple of her friends Addison Barnett and Lucy Smallwood.
Here is when she went up on stage and then when she was singing. She did so good. Memaw was so proud of her.
Then we went to get ice cream at Dairy Queen afterwards.
Her are a couple of pictures from yesterday. When Madelyn came home from school she had this cute picture that said she wanted to be a mommy and dentist. That is funny because she is so scared of a dentist.
Here is the girls when we were playing hide and seek last night.