Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

First up Memaw didn't get time to get the girls to make mom anything this year. Memaw has been so busy that she let the Holiday come up on her to fast. Mom has a Birthday coming so we will have to do something for that. Today we celebrated Mother's Day evening with Dawn, the girls and Bob at their house. They had a cookout for Bob's mom and dad and us. They had a great dinner for us. Everything was great. Ellie wanted to swing when we first got there. Madelyn was asleep.
When Madelyn got up and we ate she wanted to swing too.
Then she wanted to play like she was making me something.
Then Uncle Nick took this picture of us.
Here are the girls with their mom and Memaw.
Yesterday they came over while mom went to the mall. Here is Madelyn with her cute braids and outfit.
Here the girls are playing with the Dora house.
Here is a selfie with Ellie.
Then Memaw was going through her Boyd Bears Collectable Figurines to get rid of and the girls wanted some.  Memaw gave them both 2. Here Madelyn is with 2. She ended up putting 1 of them back and getting a different one.
Here Ellie is with hers.